Pool im Wellness Hotel Solaria Ischgl
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Your hotel in Ischgl with a pool

6 saunas and our swimming pool make us a ‘Top Wellness Hotel’

After an extended mountain or ski tour, or a day of skiing filled with kilometre upon kilometre of pistes, your body will welcome relaxation in the wellness and spa area in our hotel. Cold toes are best warmed with a sauna session. For weary legs, the water in the pool is a boon. In the lovingly set-up and contemporary pool and sauna area in our 4-star Superior hotel stress and worries practically float away spontaneously.


The sauna realm

In Hotel Solaria Ischgl

The heat in our 6 different saunas helps relax each individual muscle. In which of our ‘sweat rooms’ you switch off from the daily grind and in so doing, strengthen your defenses and circulatory system, is wholly up to your preferences and needs.

  • Paznaun Sauna
  • Mountain herb bath
  • Turkish bath
  • Salt water bath
  • Aquamarine bath
  • Luis Trenker infrared cabins
Did you know?

The high humidity in the Turkish bath counters muscle tension and stimulates the circulation in the skin. This can help delay the aging process.

So definitely give our Turkish bath a go in our wellness hotel in Ischgl.

Pool im Wellness Hotel Solaria Ischgl

Barely anywhere else do you feel as at ease as you do in the water.

In your hotel in Ischgl which has a pool, the focus is on gliding through the water without a care and forgetting about any worries. So dive in and let everything go. That's a wellness holiday in Ischgl!
Spabereich im 4*S Hotel Solaria in Ischgl

Our ‘Ruhealm’ is a place of tranquility,

which is recommended as an ideal retreat thanks to its cosy atmosphere. You can relax here, chill out or just ‘put your feet up’ in one of our hay beds. You deserve it!


Is the wellness and spa area in the Solaria Hotel in Ischgl and the pool accessible for children too?

The indoor pool does of course provide fun and variety for all the family. Older children and teenagers are also very welcome in the sauna area (salt water steam bath and Turkish bath).

Is there a pool in the Hotel Solaria Ischgl?

Yes there is a SPA area with a sauna realm and swimming pool.

Are bathing shoes and a bathing robe included in the Hotel Solaria 4*S?

Yes, bathing sandals and a fluffy bathing robe are available in your room.

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