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stiLRetro / 09/06/2023 / Google
It's a warm hotel with lots of little interesting details. Leuk restaurant in a great location!
Thomas T / 04/01/2023 / Tripadvisor
An all-round lovely stay with friends! As always, simply great! Experienced hospitality, beautiful, clean rooms, a large selection of exclusive food and a high level of flexibility. In addition, there is a very friendly staff and friendly owners.
Patricia S / 01/31/2023 / Tripadvisor
A thoroughly perfect holiday. We had a wonderful time. The entire team was really friendly, the hotel was lovingly furnished and there was no lack of comfort. The food was excellent and the selection of drinks was also great. It wasn't just the children who were happy about the sweets corner in the afternoon 😅 Thanks for the nice time! ☺️
Luis / 01/15/2023 / Holiday Check
Always great! We stayed at the Top Hotel Solaria again! As always, we were warmly looked after from the first minute! Just great! We'll be back soon!
Carmen B / 01/08/2023 / Tripadvisor
Winter vacation at its finest. All in all, highly recommended! Arrival very pleasant, food very good and varied, staff very friendly and attentive, wellness area always clean and pleasantly warm!! Definitely we'll come back.
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Weinverkostung beim Dinner im Hotel Solaria Ischgl

Seal of approval recognising the business as being an attractive place to work

Using the seal of approval from the “Ja! Hier arbeite ich gern” (Yes! I love working here’) project, Landeck economic chamber recognises businesses which have very good and fair working conditions.

Hotel Solaria Ischgl has been ranked in the highest award category for this seal of approval, thereby highlighting its attractiveness as an employer.

To the seal of approval (PDF)

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