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Facial Treatments
After Sun Treatment

A cooling and healing treatment for sunburn. Treat your skin to a soothing break after all your exertions out on the slopes.

Pampering session: approx. 30 mins. € 33,-

Eyes & Make Up

Shaping and cutting eyebrows € 12,-

Tinting eyelashes € 14,-

Tinting eyebrows € 10,-

Daytime make-up € 39,-

Evening make-up € 49,-

Make up for the bride
two appointments – a rehearsal make-up
session and a second for the wedding € 80,-

Make-up consultation
pampering session: approx. 60 mins € 60,-


This extensive anti-aging facial treatment helps to eliminate all signs of aging skin. Your skin will look more even, tighter, softer and youthfully radiant. Feel how we firm your facial contours.

Pampering session: approx. 90 mins. € 115,-


Feel the care of the exclusive lifting products in a very short time and leave feeling completely refreshed and youthful.

Pampering session: approx. 60 mins. € 80,-

Extending a Facial Treatment

Sensational Eyes Treatment
Wonderful care makes your eyes radiate with beauty.
Pampering session: approx. 15 mins. € 20,-

Plus Collagen Biomatrix
An intensive mask consisting of 99 percent collagen – extremely soothing and moisturising,ideal for skin irritations, acts against lines and wrinkles, leaving you to enjoy a new sensation of skin elasticity.
Pampering session: approx. 10 mins. € 15,-

Firming Algae Mask Peel off
This invigorating, firming mask has a soothing and cooling effect.
Pampering session: approx. 10 mins. € 15,-

Ampullen Crash Kur
The quick fitness & skin enhancer - moisturising, care and soothing in a very short time.
Little Crash Cure (ca. 10 mins): 5 ampoules € 20,-
Big Crash Cure (ca. 15 mins): 10 ampoules € 37,-

Babor Sea Creation

Highly effective facial of the extraordinary. this facial is an all-round package of the highest level and contains the latest products of the cosmetic sector. explore all those efficient ingredients from the depth of the sea. You will feel the difference.

Pampering session: approx. 120 mins € 180,-
Pampering session: approx. 80 mins € 120,-


Baborganic is a range of facial and body care products with organically active substances that provide individual solutions for all kinds of skin types and skin condition. the care series is based on completely natural products and draws its strength from particularly pure and pristine organic ingredients sourced from the mountains. baborganic freshens and vitalises the skin, stimulates the formation of new cells and energises regenerative capacities, leading to an even, balanced, radiantly fresh, younger looking and healthy complexion.

Pampering session: approx. 90 mins € 95,-
Pampering session: approx. 45 mins € 55,-


This facial treatment and relaxing facial massage for men magically restores freshness to the skin and makes lines and wrinkles disappear.

Pampering session: approx. 60 mins. € 70,-

Aroma salt scrub

Have your skin exfoliated with an aroma of your choice and Canadian salt. Enjoy the soothing effect of nature.

Pampering session: approx. 30 mins. € 38,-

Full-body scrubs

A peel reawakens your skin, leaving it velvety soft. Dead superficial skin cells are gently removed, leaving your skin perfectly prepared to absorb any skincare products subsequently applied.

Pampering session: approx. 30 mins. € 38,-

Caribbean intensive scrub with enzymes

The fragrance of coconut oil and fresh pineapple mousse wafts all round you while you enjoy this simply amazing scrub. The mineralised sea sand is complemented by enzymes of fresh pineapple and yoghurt. Our coconut oil nourishes and moisturises your skin. Experience a new skin sensation!

Pampering session: approx. 35 mins. € 50,-

Herb & oil scrub

Have your skin exfoliated with the herbs of your choice. Enjoy the soothing effect of natural ingredients.

Pampering session: approx. 30 mins. € 38,-

Salt & oil scrub

Canadian salt stimulates the metabolism and is the ideal preparation for any following body treatment.

Pampering session: approx. 30 mins. € 38,-

Sugar & oil aroma scrub

An intense body scrub based on sugar and oil. Starts invigorating you from the first moment of the scrub and brings tired skin back to life.

Pampering session: approx. 30 mins. € 38,-

Wraps & Masks
Stop Cellulite Wrap

(With the thighs as a problem area. Tummy, legs, bottom) Tightens and firms up the tissue; smoothens the skin's texture. TRULY EFFECTIVE BODY-LIFTING - following a scrub, problem areas are wrapped with extracts from yellow poppy, coffee, guarana, aloe vera and green algae - a superb way to tighten & enhance elasticity. The treatment fishes with Stop Cellulite Day Activator being massaged into your skin. Our spa treatments are extremely effective.

Pampering session: approx. 45 mins. € 50,-

Lifting Pack

NATURAL BODY LIFTING with the Lifting Complex – firms the skin and improves elasticity. Without showering after the treatment.

Pampering session: approx. 30 mins. € 38,-

Body care pack

An intensive, all-over treatment. Without showering after the treatment.

Pampering session: approx. 30 mins. € 38,-

Hand- & Foot Care
Entrée for Hands or Feet

Scrub & massage with a mask and concluding

Pampering session: approx. 25 mins € 27,-

Parafin Treatment

For either the hands or feet.

Pampering session: approx. 30 mins € 32,-

Spa Manicure

Clipping, shaping and brushing of nails with removal of cuticles. Scrub and hand massage with a mask followed by concluding care.

Pampering session: approx. 55 mins € 59,-

Mini manicure € 38,-


Upper lip or chin € 8,-

Armpits € 22,-

Bikini zone € 22,-

Legs to the knee € 32,-

Legs complete € 42,-

Back or chest € 42,-

Anti-Cellulite Massage

Our stimulating gel cream is highly effective in reducing layers of fat. This special massage stimulates the lymphatic system and offers a highly effective way to remove toxins. Spa treatments are extremely effective.

Pampering session: approx. 40 mins € 50,-

Ayurveda Abhyanga

This indian healing massage enables you to experience peace of mind and total relaxation. Our therapists apply special massage techniques and long strokes over the whole of your body with the aid of warm sesame oil. Feel your body and soul come together in harmony. Full body massage.

Pampering session: approx. 65 mins. € 89,-
Pampering session: approx. 90 mins. € 120,-

Ayurveda Upanahasveda

Enjoy an ayurvedic back massage with warm sesame oil followed by a warming pack, made of all kinds of medicinal herbs. Stimulates the blood flow and soothes tense muscles.

Pampering session: approx. 50 mins. € 68,-

Hot Stone Massage

Warmed-up stones are placed on the body in this hot stone massage. the stones are heated up to a temperature of approx. 60°C in a water bath and rubbed into your skin with the massage oil. The aim is to relax the muscles through the use of pleasant heat. Full body. 

Pampering session: approx. 65 mins € 80,-
Back. pampering session: approx. 35 mins € 44,-

Head and Facial Massage

A wonderfully relaxing and sublime massage experience – we use a premium quality Babor facial care product for this massage.

Pampering session: approx. 25 mins. € 35,-

Lymphatic Drainage

Build-ups of fluids in intercellular tissue impair natural beauty and are often a cause of worry and distress. Lymphatic drainage detoxes the tissue after injury and in cases of oedema, arthroses and gout.

Pampering session: approx. 40 mins. € 50,-

Back, arms & hands Massage

The entire musculature on your back is systematically massaged before we proceed to the subsequent arm and hand massage. This treatment helps draw out toxins through the skin and stimulates the blood flow. Blissful relaxation!

Pampering session: approx. 45 mins. € 55,-

Solaria Deluxe

Your body is massaged with a high quality avocado oil and luxury care. You’ll be amazed by the fragrance and the end result of a silky soft skin. Full body. 

Pampering session: approx. 50 mins € 82,-
Back pampering session: approx. 30 mins € 44,-

Solaria Massage

Relaxation for the entire body.

Pampering session: approx. 50 mins € 69,-

Partial Massage

A scented oil massage for your legs or back.

Pampering session: approx. 30 mins € 38,-

Combined Treatment
Anti Cellulite Treatment

We prepare your tummy, legs and bottom with a firm massage and a scrub for the subsequent wraps which are drenched in a concentrated active ingredient. The treatment is rounded off with a final, invigorating dose of body care, which stimulates the lymphatic circulation as well as the metabolism. Enjoy our way of tightening up your connective tissue, stimulating your blood circulation and administering a sensational detox.

Pampering session: approx. 75 mins € 89,-

Aroma Spa (Body Treatment)

A scented sugar & oil scrub is an excellent way to prepare the skin for the subsequent scented oil massage. This treatment caters completely to your needs. Choose from our range of aromas: Balancing - Cashmere wood relaxing - lavender mint energizing - lime mandarin.

Pampering session: approx. 80 mins € 100,-

Ayurveda Time (Body Treatment)

A gharshana silk glove scrub prepares your skin and your soul for the soothing tactile stimulation offered by the subsequent abhyanga full-body massage. Your skin is now much more receptive to absorbing the high quality oil and will reward you after the massage with a tender feeling.

Pampering session: approx. 85 mins. € 115,-

Hot Chocolate (Body Treatment)

Enjoy a soothing chocolate scrub with brown and white sugar followed by a relaxing massage with hot chocolate and almond oil. At the end of the session we’ll even reward you with a cup of hot chocolate – a sweet way to finish off the treatment – on the house.

Pampering session: approx. 75 mins € 95,-