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Juler's À la Carte in Ischgl

Gourmet à la carte dining in the
Juler’s restaurant in Ischgl

The Juler’s Restaurant in Ischgl is a place where gourmet food and outstanding service fuse to create an unforgettable dining experience with some of the finest ingredients from the local region.

This à-la-carte restaurant in the Hotel Solaria is a hotspot for foodies who know their stuff and appreciate the care and attention to detail given to every dish by our kitchen team.

Hearty and simple, yet delicious and refined.
Welcome to the Juler's Restaurant in Ischgl.

Regional & seasonal

LOCAL seasonal produce is the key to our success at juler's  restaurant

Austria and Tyrol in particular has so much to offer when it comes to food. Fresh vegetables to fine fish and meat. Cheese with an intense yet fine flavour. Where better to sample the very best of the region than at the à-la-carte Restaurant Juler’s in Ischgl? Our kitchen team is proud to use produce from the local region and takes great care in transforming these materials into delicious food for our guests.

The result is a memorable dining experience which is sure to be one of the highlights of your holiday in Ischgl. Let us know if you have any dietary needs or preferences. Our chefs will be happy to take these into account to ensure that whatever your dietary regime you can enjoy the rich diversity of natural produce which makes Tyrol so special. As we say in Austria: "Mahlzeit" or "Bon appétit!" 

Favourite dish
"Tiroler Muas"
delicious traditional recipe in our Hotel Magazine

Interested in typical Tyrolean cuisine? Check out our hotel magazine for our very own secret recipe for "Tiroler Muas". Speak to a member of staff or contact us to receive the magazine.

great-grandfather's tradition

the history of the Restaurant

The Kathrein family has always had a reputation for being pioneers of tourism in Ischgl. Great-grandfather Julius Kathrein played a key role in bringing tourism to what had previously been a poor farming region.

His reputation quickly spread and soon his whole family was known throughout Ischgl as the "Julers". This was something he was proud of, so we decided to honour his contribution by naming our à -la-carte restaurant "Juler’s".

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